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CleanArchiver - Downloads

CleanArchvier 2.3.1

This is the latest and most recommended version of CleanArchiver on systems running Mac OS X v10.3 or later.

CleanArchvier 3.0a6

Latest alpha release of CleanArchiver. These features are added to 2.4a4.

Some bugs may be left yet.

CleanArchvier 2.4a4

In this version you can choose whether to save or discard resource forks. On Tiger CleanArchiver 2.3.1 makes tar archives which have resource forks, so your archives include meaningless files, on other operating systems, starting in "._". This version offers the choice whether they are included or no.

I deleted StuffIt support in this version because now tar archives can include resource forks and DropStuff is shareware. And this version runs only on Tiger because the tar archiver bundled into Panther can't save resource forks.

This version supports both PowerPC and Intel CPUs.

CleanArchiver 2.0a3

This is the version of CleanArchiver made with AppleScript Studio. Though it is still the alpha version and its development has already stopped, it runs on Mac OS X v10.2 or earlier.

CleanArchiver 1.2.2

The AppleScript version of CleanArchiver. It runs on Mac OS X v10.2 or earlier.