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Universal Binary (v2.4+)

CleanArchiver is a simple and nifty archiving utility.

It supports not only standard archive types such as gzip, bzip2, and zip, but also compressed Disk Image. In addition if the DropStuff application published by Allume Systems Inc. is installed on your system, CleanArchiver can create StuffIt and StuffIt X archives by calling DropStuff via AppleScript.

Moreover CleanArchiver has the ability not to include system files peculiar to Mac OS X such as .DS_Store and custom icon file (Icon\r) in your archive. So your archive is always clean on other operating systems.

CleanArchiver powerfully supports you to create archives with various archive types and convenient options. Ultimately, just CleanArchiver is enough as the archiver put on your Dock.

CleanArchiver and Resource Forks

How CleanArchiver handles resource forks simply depends on archive types.

If you don't know what is resource fork, I recommend to read documentation.